Ecommerce Europe publishes position paper on empowering consumers in the green transition


Today, Ecommerce Europe  published it s position paper on empowering consumers in the green transition.

Ecommerce Europe strongly believes in the twin digital and green transition and welcomes the European Commission’s reflection on the role consumers can play in this transition. We also welcome the European Commission’s ambition laid down in the European Green Deal and the New Circular Economy Action Plan, and the recognition that a holistic, multi-faceted approach is the key to our transition to a sustainable economy.

With its new Consumer Agenda, the European Commission wishes to set out the vision for the new role of consumers, the possible gaps in consumer protection as well as the legal fragmentation in the Member States with the aim of structuring a new EU consumer policy focusing on areas such as digitalisation and sustainable transition.

As a representative of the e-commerce sector, which is at the centre of synergies between sustainability and digitalisation, Ecommerce Europe wishes to highlight key considerations in relation to the European Commission’s consultation on the new Consumer Agenda, and specifically the initiative to empower consumers in the green transition.

Read the full  position paper here.