Ecommerce Europe publishes its position on the Regulation on fairness and transparency in online platform trading


The European Ecommerce association has recently adopted its position on the   Proposal for a Regulation on fairness and transparency in online platform trading, published by the European Commission at the end of April 2018.  The Commission’s initiative followed the commitment made in President Juncker’s 2017 State of the Union address to “safeguard a fair, predictable, sustainable and trusted business environment in the online economy”. To this purpose, the Commission’s objective is putting in place a harmonized framework for minimum transparency and redress rights, which should protect companies that depend on online platforms for reaching consumers, while crucially safeguarding platforms’ innovation potential.  

Ecommerce Europe overall welcomed the publication of the European Commission’s Proposal for a Platform Regulation.  In particular, we appreciate and support the soft-touch and principle-based approach proposed by the Commission. Online platforms, such as e-commerce marketplaces, are engines of growth and Ecommerce Europe wants to stress that this Regulation should struck the right balance between their interests and the interests of online merchants, especially SMEs that sell via marketplaces.  

Well balanced also in redress rights which, in the view of Ecommerce Europe, are best served by a transparent complaints-handling completed by a fair mediation system, however not by the proposed representative court action which in our view lacks the balance between collective redress and individual redress.  

The position paper analyzes in detail the proposed Regulation and gives specific recommendations on how to improve it and achieve this fair balance. Ecommerce Europe looks forward to continuing the discussions with the policymakers on this important legislative file.  

Click   here  to download the position paper.