Ecommerce Europe releases annual “Brazil B2C E-Commerce Report 2016”


The Brazilian total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $1,774,725 million in 2015. It continued to decline compared to previous years, but, at the same time, the unemployment rate decreased to 4%.

Total gross Brazil

Furthermore, the number of internet users is growing rapidly, and smartphone usage is also increasing, with total mobile sales representing $2,965mn in 2015. The main reasons to shop online abroad for Brazilians are appealing offers, better conditions, better quality and a broader range of choice of products. The most popular purchase is clothing: 36% of Brazilian e-shoppers have bought clothing and footwear in a foreign online shop at least once.

Number internet users brazil

You can download the free light report  here. This “Brazil B2C E-commerce Report 2016” provides a clear overview of the state of e-commerce in Brazil. The free light version includes facts and figures on interesting topics, such as B2C e-commerce turnover, the number of online shoppers and cross-border and mobile e-commerce. In addition, this version contains expert interviews and tips and tricks for online merchants. As a result, the report forms a very useful tool for companies that want to expand their online business to Brazil as well as for people who want to set up an online shop there.

Full version

The full version, which can be ordered for €95 through this  link, also contains a clear overview of the most popular product and service groups in terms of online sales.