Ecommerce Europe releases annual “China B2C E-Commerce Report 2016”


The Report gives a promising outlook for the Chinese e-commerce market, given that China has the highest eGDP in the world, the e-commerce share of GDP being at 7.05%. The B2C e-commerce growth rate has dropped slightly, but remained relatively high, with the B2C e-commerce revenue and growth rate of for total online sales of goods and services forecast to reach $975,000 million this year.

growth rate

China is becoming one of the major players in e-commerce, but almost half of its population does not have access to the internet (49%). The lack of knowledge about computer and/or networks is the most common reason for not using the Internet. Yet, interestingly, the percentage of Internet users amongst those 60 years and older has doubled since 2013.

Internet penetration

Even though Internet penetration is comparatively low, almost 75% of the Chinese population uses smartphones, with a total of mobile sales of $383bn in 2015, and more than half of online sales are expected to be made through mobile devices in 2016.

Mobile sales

We can also see in the report that travel is by far the most popular online service group and the number of e-shoppers and average spending per e-shopper has increased considerably in recent years.

You can download the free light report here. This “China B2C E-commerce Report 2016” provides a clear overview of the state of e-commerce in China. The free light version includes facts and figures on interesting topics, such as B2C e-commerce turnover, the number of online shoppers and cross-border and mobile e-commerce. In addition, this version contains expert interviews and tips and tricks for online merchants. As a result, the reports forms a very useful tool for companies that want to expand their online business to China as well as for people who want to set up an online shop there.

Full version

The full version, which can be ordered for €95 through this link, also contains a clear overview of the most popular product and service groups in terms of online sales.