Ecommerce Europe releases annual “India B2C E-Commerce Report 2016”


India is a very interesting e-commerce market. Last year, its online sales grew by a stunning 129% and also in 2016 the market is expected to continue its significant growth (+76%). Indeed, the Indian B2C e-commerce revenue and average spending per e-shopper has increased considerably up to $25.5bn in 2015.

B2C India

Furthermore, all products have doubled in revenue in 2015, and the smartphone usage grew very fast over the last few years. In a nutshell, India is a very promising country for e-commerce also knowing that, currently, only 27% of its population is using Internet.

Internet penetration INdia

You can download the free light report  here. This “India B2C E-commerce Report 2016” provides a clear overview of the state of e-commerce in India. The free light version includes facts and figures on interesting topics, such as B2C e-commerce turnover, the number of online shoppers and cross-border and mobile e-commerce. In addition, this version contains expert interviews and tips and tricks for online merchants. As a result, the report forms a very useful tool for companies that want to expand their online business to Indian as well as for people who want to set up an online shop there.

Full version

The full version, which can be ordered for €95 through this  link, also contains a clear overview of the most popular product and service groups in terms of online sales.