Ecommerce Europe releases e-Identification and Online Trust Service


During the Global Ecommerce Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Ecommerce Europe releases a new position paper, dedicated to e-Identification and Online Trust Service. The position paper has taken into account the views of policymakers and relevant stakeholders. Ecommerce Europe to call upon all parties involved to contribute to the realization of the recommendations.

The bottom line is that in order to stimulate cross-border online shopping, European citizens need an interoperable e-identification and authentication scheme. This scheme should be secure, reliable and user-friendly. For merchants, it is key to verify the identity of the consumer. For consumers, properly functioning and reliable e-identification can help secure their online identities.

In order to achieve this objective, Ecommerce Europe outlines the following recommendations:

  1. Come up with solutions that re-use existing authentication methods
  2. Ensure interoperable e-identities
  3. Leave the choice on what information is required from e-identification to merchants
  4. Ensure a facilitating role for governments in trustworthy identification of the online environment
  5. Make e-identification operable on all devices
  6. Provide an overview of (trusted) e-identification mechanisms for merchants and consumers

For more elaboration on these six recommendations, we refer to the page on our website, where the position papers are published.