Ecommerce Europe releases Position Paper on e-Payments


During the Global Ecommerce Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Ecommerce Europe releases an updated version of its position paper on e-Payments. Online payments are a crucial link between consumers and merchants and the position paper presents recommendations to facilitate the growth of the e-commerce sector through e-payments. The position papers have taken into account input delivered by stakeholders and policymakers. Ecommerce Europe calls upon all involved parties to do their share to realize a business friendly environment for the e-commerce industry.

The future e-commerce market is fully consumer oriented. It demands a seamless shopping experience for consumers to do online purchases wherever and whenever they want. This requires an adequate solution for cross-border payments, online identification, and delivery preferences: one-click-buy.

Wallet solutions are a viable candidate between online, offline and mobile payment contexts and to improve the cross-border usability of cards. They can be used both on the internet as (online) in brick and mortar stores. Ecommerce Europe welcomes wallet solutions as a valuable alternative in their payment mix, as long as they are accessible to a large number of buyers, offer excellent usability and costs are in balance to their added value.

Ecommerce Europe is committed to collaborate with policy makers and stakeholders on the following recommendations for e-payments:

  1. Move forward with access to the payment account
  2. Enable competition in the market by facilitating third party payment providers
  3. Move forward with e-identification and authentication
  4. Facilitate SEPA Direct Debit through a Pan-European e-mandate and provide clarity non-bank solutions
  5. Support innovation in security solutions and acknowledge the reduced risk of 3D Secure by lower retailer service fees
  6. Reform Interchange Fees
  7. Develop a pan-European Online Banking e-Payments (OBeP)/redirection services solution
  8. Ensure interoperability on all devices of all e-payments

For more elaboration on the recommendations, we refer to our website.