Ecommerce Europe releases position paper on Privacy and Data Protection


During the Global Ecommerce Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Ecommerce Europe has released a new position paper on the topics of Privacy and Data Protection. The policy recommendations come after discussions with policymakers and stakeholders. Ecommerce Europe therefore calls upon all policymakers and stakeholders to take their responsibility to make the e-commerce industry legislative landscape business friendly.

Privacy and protection of personal data are key drivers for trust in the e-commerce sector and cross-border industry development. Consumer trust is at the core of the e-commerce market, and therefore the fair, safe and transparent use and collection of data is key to the growth of the industry. Ecommerce Europe therefore asks that policy makers harmonize privacy and data protection rules through a risk-based approach, without administrative burdens.

Legislation on privacy and data collection should facilitate a flourishing business environment; recognize the nature of the relationship between a consumer and merchant; meet the legitimate interests of both the consumer/data subject and merchant; and provide a level playing field for web shops in- and outside the European Union, thereby facilitating the true cross-border and global nature of the e-commerce market.

To this end, Ecommerce Europe has the following ten policy recommendations:

  1. Adopt a risk-based approach
  2. Adhere to the current definition of personal data
  3. Adopt a balanced framework for the processing of Personal Data
  4. Realize the economic potential of Big Data collection
  5. Acknowledge the win-win situation of profiling
  6. Introduce a standard information tool for informing the consumer and a risk-based consent rule
  7. Strengthen the effectiveness of existing rights on the notion of the right to be forgotten
  8. Restrict Data Portability to user generated content
  9. Clarify the notion of consent in cookie legislation
  10. Installation of supranational dialogue bodies

For more elaboration on each of the policy recommendations, Ecommerce Europe refers to its website and the position papers themselves.