Ecommerce Europe Round Table in Copenhagen shows: Localization is key


On the 15th of January we kicked off the year 2013 with a new Round Table in a new city: Copenhagen! In collaboration with FDIH and E-Commercefacts, we gathered with around 20 retailers from Denmark (mainly Copenhagen), and among them were representatives from B&O, Symantec and Smartguy.

Annette Falberg, CEO of FDIH and Vice-President of the Executive Committee Ecommrce Europe welcomed our guests and introduced them to and Ecommerce Europe. Subsequently Paul Petermeijer, publisher of ECommercefacts shared the vision of Forrester Research UK on cross border e-commerce with the Danish audience of online retailers and experts.

It’s all about saving time and money
Saving time and money are the main reasons why people shop online. But besides that, assortment and range are becoming more important as to why people cross-border shop, according to Paul Petermeijer. Records show that in Europe, consumers in the UK, Scandinavia and the Netherlands are the biggest cross-border shoppers. Growth is expected especially in countries where the e-commerce market is not yet mature, such as Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries. But mature markets are also expected to show a 10% growth.

Language is critical for building trust
But of course, language is not the only thing, says Paul Petermeijer. There are so many other factors you have to consider. It’s important to build a comprehensive localization strategy. Look at the culture of a country, at the colours you can and can’t use in your branding, what kind of assortment fits best with the country; but also have a look at the payment methods the country prefers. There is no particular size that fits all when going cross-border.

Velux, a strong global brand in the building materials industry
Sven- Eric Nilsson, Vice-president of the Global E-Commerce department of the Velux Group, introduced us to the VELUX markets in the world and the products they sell via online channels. Velux centres its international business in Denmark, but also works with local webmasters and supports teams with their target markets. Delivering directly to customers is new to the company, so at the moment, a lot of effort is going into finding good business partners in the respective countries.

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