Ecommerce Europe Round Table Lugano: how to foster cross-border e-commerce?


NetComm Suisse, the Swiss national association of Ecommerce Europe, hosted the latest Ecommerce Europe Round Table in Lugano on 3 November. The evening brought together leading retailers, particularly from the fashion sector, in order to exchange knowledge and experience and to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of the e-commerce sector in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe.

Overcoming challenges of the e-commerce sector in Europe

During the Round Table, Mr. Luca Cassetti – Policy Advisor of Ecommerce Europe – gave a presentation on what the European association is doing to foster cross-border e-commerce in Europe, not only by providing policy solutions to European legislators, but also by delivering market projects, such as the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, research reports, annual surveys and events. Furthermore, Mr. Cassetti presented key facts and figures showing the growth of the European and global e-commerce markets, and the rise of global market places. “Even though e-commerce is still booming in Europe, with a growth of 13.6% in 2014 for the B2C e-commerce market of goods and services, more can and has to be done to foster cross-border e-commerce in Europe”, declared Luca Cassetti.

Swiss e-commerce facts and figures

Carlo Terreni – General Director of NetComm Suisse – briefly presented the latest NetComm Suisse Research Report and declared that a Swiss internet shopper spends almost 2,000 CHF (1,858 €) per year. 64% of Swiss e-shoppers already buy from foreign websites and in 72% of the cases their choice is determined by a better price for the item purchased online compared to offline shopping. The research figures will be also presented during the Swiss E-commerce Conference on 25 November 2015 in Trafo Baden (Switzerland).

Fashion cases with Timberland and Missoni Home

During the Round Table, Mr. Carlo Torrani, Managing Director of T&J Vestor – Missoni Home, explained how Missoni communicates with its consumers in the evolving context of e-commerce and presented the ideal positioning and strategy for a ‘Made in Italy’ brand of luxury related to the rise of omni-channel sales. Ms. Lisa Calatroni, e-Commerce Manager at EMEA Timberland, presented how the company, which is part of the VF Corporation (VFC), has grown its business thanks to e-commerce.

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