Ecommerce Europe Round Tables


After the successful Round Tables last fall in Amsterdam, London, Madrid and Milan, will organize 3 new editions in the cities of Copenhagen, Paris and Munich under the auspices of Ecommerce Europe and in cooperation with national ecommerce associations and/or organizations. This European network for cross-border e-commerce, will bring together the top European retailers and cross-border e-commerce experts.

The round tables take place in a dinner setting. They are an excellent way to gain knowledge and meet / network with industry peers.


All 3 round tables will explore the same theme of cross-border e-commerce. The round tables are therefore interesting for leading retailers who want to do business outside their own borders. During the Round Tables the following subjects will be discussed:

  • Research; facts & figures
  • Logistics, distribution, etc.
  • ePayments
  • Culture issues
  • ePrivacy
  • Marketing possibilities
  • Legislation
  • Local issues



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