Ecommerce Europe signs joint paper on Art. 6a of the Price Indication Directive (PID)


On 29 February, Ecommerce Europe, EuroCommerce and Independent Retail Europe adopted a position paper taking note of the problematic interpretations of Art. 6a and proposing to the European Commission ways to improve the current situation for both companies and for enforcement authorities. The paper was sent to the European Commission on the same day.

One of the paper’s priorities is Improving overall compliance by traders. To do so, we propose establishing a structured enforcement dialogue between industry and the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network. Next to this we proposed to develop criteria for correct and clear price announcements (e.g., good practices highlighting example of compliant announcements).

Diverging transposition is also a problem that members signaled to us and must be addressed. It is especially problematic that Member States such as Belgium, France, Poland and Portugal adopted approaches that extend the scope of the PID to include services. This is a clear infringement of EU law as Art. 1 of the PID clearly states that its scope is limited to products. The Commission must therefore enter into a dialogue with these Member States to remedy this issue. However, transposition is not the only problem as national authorities also undertake different, and in some cases stricter, interpretations of the same rules.

To improve the overall landscape, we thus recommended to encourage Member States to implement a maximum harmonisation approach in specific areas of price reduction regulations and emphasised the importance of the case-by-case approach of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD).

You can find and read the joint paper here.