Ecommerce Europe speaks at the Nextgen Payments Forum 2017


Forget Money, Think Loyalty: A Merchant Perspective on Pushing Payments Forward

Paul Alfing, Chairman of the e-Payments Working Committee of Ecommerce Europe, will be representing the association at the Nextgen Payments Forum 2017. The e-Payments Committee deals with different topics related to the landscape of online and mobile payments, from new legislation and technical standards coming from the European policy makers to the latest innovations in the payments market in Europe. Current policy priorities of the Committee include mobile and innovation in payments and payment systems, authentication, e-identification and trust services and card payments.

Paul-AlfingPaul Alfing’s participation in the Nextgen Payments Forum will focus on the consumer perspective and the importance of understanding the end-users’ needs in developing winning payment options by:

  • Looking at some of the pain points related to the customer payment process
  • Emphasizing the importance of a strategic data management system to deliver premium customer experiences
  • Looking at the opportunities around wallet solutions and zooming in on the practical implications to deliver loyalty programmes
  • Reflecting on the future of payments by looking at the example of the Netherlands
  • Tomorrow’s winning teams: What does it take to champion the payments battle?

About the Nextgen Payments Forum

From digital banking to mobile commerce, the Nextgen Payments Forum 2017, focuses on optimizing the payments journey to boost operational excellence while leveraging industry collaboration and technological innovation; helping both financial services professionals and merchant executives  to navigate this complex and rapidly changing environment.

Ecommerce Europe’s members and partners can get a discount for the event (€1050 instead of €1500 – including 1 night accommodation). If you are interested in attending the event, please contact us at

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