Ecommerce Europe to release position paper on e-Logistics


During the Global Ecommerce Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Ecommerce Europe has released a new position paper on e-Logistics. The paper calls for integrated European solutions to improve delivery performance of the European logistics sector. The position paper is published after consultations with policymakers and stakeholders and Ecommerce Europe calls that all parties involved contribute to the realization of the policy recommendations.

e-Logistics are vital for the e-commerce industry as it delivers the parcels from A to B. However, a European delivery system is absent, which results in two to three times higher costs. This poses a serious obstacle for growth of the sector. In order to overcome this fragmentation, Ecommerce Europe calls for a one-stop-shop approach and presents the following recommendations:

  1. Increase transparency by giving all parties involved access to more information on European delivery

    Create a one-stop-shop webportal with all the necessary information allowing an easy access for merchants to information to delivery in the targeted countries. The information concerns regulatory information of local legal specificities, market intelligence, a list with delivery operators and online support for a decision model for online merchants with regard to their delivery costs.

  2. Decrease costs to make cross-border flows more affordable

    As stated above, a fragmented market results in significant higher costs when delivering cross-border. Ecommerce Europe asks for several optimization initiatives with better operational coordination between stakeholders without requesting financial investment from shippers or delivery operators. Concretely, this point advocates the promotion of logistical volume consolidation, encourages open standards in IT developments, promoting a marketing dialogue between merchants and delivery operators and changing the structure of invoicing in a multi-operator scheme.

  3. Increase reliability and quality of service of European delivery options

    Ecommerce Europe encourages initiatives of delivery operators to create partnerships leading to increased operational and IT coordination to enhance quality and reliability of delivery services across Europe. This entails the promotion of integrated networks between local operators, the creation of a pan-European barometer on delivery quality of service, encouraging intensive use of additional IT intelligence to improve performance and improvement of claims handling and trust marks related to delivery.

The recommendations followed intense discussions in the Ecommerce Europe e-Logistics Working Committee and exchanges of thoughts with stakeholders, such as the European postal industries. The position paper on e-Logistics is part of Ecommerce Europe’s overall plea for an integrated approach on e-commerce in order to facilitate the growth of the sector resulting in economic growth and the creation of jobs.

You can find the position paper here.