Ecommerce Europe traveled to Berlin for its Member Days 2023


On 30 and 31 March 2023, Ecommerce Europe’s German national association BEVH welcomed members from Ecommerce Europe for the annual Member Days in Berlin. For two days, national associations and company members gathered for a series of meetings kindly hosted at Zalando’s headquarters. The two-day gathering included a Board of Directors meeting as well as the Sustainability and e-Regulations Working Committee. Every year, the reunion is a great opportunity for members to visit one of the national associations of Ecommerce Europe as well as join cultural and networking events in a European city.  

Board of Directors meeting: reflection on the future of the association and digital commerce 

During the Board of Directors meeting on 30 March, Ecommerce Europe reflected on the achievements of 2022, Luca Cassetti, Ecommerce Europe’s secretary general updated the Board of Directors on the new members and partners that recently joined the association. Then, the Brussels’ secretariat presented Ecommerce Europe’s main 2023 public affairs priorities per committee. The discussion among members continued by exploring upcoming events, as well as the trends and challenges of the digital commerce industry in light of the looming 2024 European elections.  

 e-Regulations Working Committee 

On 31 March the e-Regulations Working Committee meeting took place, chaired by Marc Lolivier, Director General of the French association FEVAD. The Committee was joined by Dr Armin Jungbluth from the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and a fruitful discussion was held on the Digital Services Act’s (DSA) implementation in Germany. Members then focused on the EU Consumer Law fitness check as well as the Product Liability Directive, two very important dossiers for 2023. Regarding Data and new technologies, our policy advisors updated the members on the Artificial Intelligence Act, the Data Act, the GDPR as well as EU-US Data Transfers. Members were invited to exchange opinions on those files which led to a productive exchange of views.  

 Sustainability Working Committee 

Finally, Members attended the Sustainability Working Committee chaired by Christoph Wenk-Fischer General Manager of the German association BEVH hosting the event. Małgorzata Gołębiewska, team leader of the Environmental Footprint at the European Commission’s DG ENV, was invited to present the new European Commission’s proposal on Substantiating Green Claims. Then, the meeting focused on policy updates regarding initiatives such as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, Empowering Consumers in the Green Transition, and the new Right to Repair Directive.  

 Next meetings 

Ecommerce Europe’s next Working Committee meetings will take place in early June 2023 in Brussels & online. If you want to have more information on how to get involved in shaping e-commerce related EU policies, please contact us at