Ecommerce Europe travelled to Lugano for its Members Days 2019


On 1 and 2 April, Ecommerce Europe’s Swiss national association NetComm Suisse welcomed members of all the national associations in view of the annual Ecommerce Europe Members Days. For two days, members gathered for a series of meetings, including, the Board of Directors and Annual General Assembly meeting, as well as Working Committee meetings and cultural and networking events, such as the Fashion Innovation Week. Ecommerce Europe Members Days are an opportunity for members of the European association to visit one of the national associations for a program rich in content and discussion, as well as in cultural and networking opportunities.

Board of Director meeting: reflection on the future of the association and digital commerce

During the Board of Directors meeting, Ecommerce Europe reflected on the achievements of 2018 and illustrated the new focus for 2019 and the years to come, especially in light of the current political situation: Brexit, European elections and the impact of various political trends, such as the rise of populist parties. Ecommerce Europe identified three main political priorities: the platform economy and fair competition, a global perspective on e-commerce and the impact of regulation on new technologies such as AI on e-commerce. Ecommerce Europe also provided a comprehensive workshop on the upcoming EU elections and how the association is preparing to establish itself towards new policymakers. The Board of Directors also approved the appointment a new member, Mr. Bryan Rankin, Head of Public Affairs of Retail Excellence.

e-Regulations Working Committee

The Board of Directors’ meeting was followed by the e-Regulation Working Committee meeting, chaired by Marc Lolivier, Director General of the French association FEVAD. The discussion focused on the state of play of the Directive on better enforcement and modernization of EU consumer protection rules and the Directive on Unfair terms in consumer contracts, as part of the package “New Deal for Consumers”. Members also discussed the recent developments on the Proposal on the Taxation of the Digital Economy, and in particular the OECD Consultation. The discussion then touched upon a policy update on the proposal on online intermediation services and search engines. At last, members were updated on the EU’s Commission’s GDPR questionnaire and on the recent developments on the ePrivacy Regulation.

Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee

Ecommerce Europe continued its Working Committees with the Digital Transactions and Innovation meeting. In addition to an update on the Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication, the Interchange Fee Regulation and discussion on the Payment Services Directive 2, Ecommerce Europe presented the new Digital Transactions and Innovation Priority Paper.

SMEs Working Group

To conclude two days of intense meetings, Ecommerce Europe kicked-off its brand-new SMEs Working Group. Ecommerce Europe’s members expressed the wish of setting up an SMEs Working Group at Ecommerce Europe’s level. The objective of this meeting was to understand whether Ecommerce Europe’s members have set up working groups at national level focused on SMEs and to gather information from members on the main challenges small and medium-sized online merchants experience at national level and/or when selling cross-border.

Next meetings

The next meetings of Ecommerce Europe will take place on 11 June 2019 in Brussels. In this occasion, Ecommerce Europe will organize an event on “How to create a level playing field for the Digital Single Market? The vision of the digital commerce sector for the next 5 years. If you want to have more information on how to get involved in shaping e-commerce related EU policies, please contact us at