Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, A Resolution for 2017: To Further Boost E-commerce in Europe


The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, one year after

Ecommerce Europe launched its Trustmark in September 2015, with the aim of stimulating e-commerce in Europe through better protection for consumers and merchants, by establishing one European set of rules and ensuring clear communication of these rules. As a result, international consumers are more confident about shopping across borders.

All the e-commerce associations affiliated to Ecommerce Europe participate in the European Trustmark. The e-commerce associations in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Czech Republic provide the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark and the services of the Trustmark Service Centre for free to all their certified members.

A growing Trustmark in Europe

Greece is the latest addition to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark as the Greek eCommerce association (GR.E.C.A.) launched it on 30 November 2016. Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe commented: “I strongly believe that the Trustmark can help to further boost the industry. Thanks to GR.E.C.A., retailers who sign up to the Greek Trustmark will be awarded the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. I look forward to deepening our cooperation with the Greek eCommerce association by working together on strengthening the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark and therefore the European e-commerce market.”

Currently, more than 10,000 online merchants are entitled to carry the Trustmark. This year, more countries will adopt the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, namely Norway, France, Poland, Hungary and Romania. Furthermore, Ecommerce Europe, together with its national e-commerce associations in countries where the Trustmark has been launched, will redouble its efforts to increase the visibility of the Trustmark and the number of online merchants carrying it. With this aim in mind, the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is free for online merchants until at least 2018.

What are the benefits of the Trustmark?

Thanks to the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, consumers can shop safely, and feel more secure when buying from online shops with the recognized Trustmark. By clicking on it, the consumer will be led to the Code of Conduct and get a clear explanation of his or her rights and the commitments of the merchant. Furthermore, in the case of an incident involving the purchase of their products and/or services, those companies with the Trustmark give you the option of filing claims through the Trustmark Service Centre free of charge, if their own Customer Care Service has not been able to resolve the issue.


David Carro, Online Program Manager of Vodafone:

 “Increasing consumer trust has always been a goal for Vodafone. Confianza Online’s and the Ecommerce Europe Trustmarks let us give confidence to our clients as a certificate of compliance with quality standards. Both Trustmarks’ values are 100% in line with our customer care philosophy”,

Paul Kealy, Managing Director, Tony Kealys:

“The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is a fantastic initiative launched by Retail Excellence together with Ecommerce Europe to enhance consumer confidence and promote cross-border e-commerce. It is based upon a common set of European criteria which complies with the required level of Irish and EU legislation. According to the most recent EU reports the European e-commerce market is estimated to be worth €510 billion and the UK online market is forecast at €157.1 billion for 2016. This emphasises the excellent opportunity for Irish retailers to capitalise on and with the additional support from the European Trustmark our website will be recognised globally as a reputable retailer. This is crucial for our business when trading across Europe as over 90% of consumers within the Netherlands will not purchase off a website without a European Trustmark logo displayed. Recent EU surveys have indicated conversion rate increases of up to 26% which highlights how important the trust factor is among shoppers online. I would encourage all retailers who are actively trading online to utilise the Irish and Ecommerce Europe Trustmark in order to promote your brand across a growing international e-commerce market both at home and abroad.”

Antonio Fagundo, e-commerce department of Masaltos:

“Confianza Online is like a life insurance. It generates trust among users, demonstrating our responsibility. Furthermore, having the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark helps us to differentiate from others, and give better protection to European consumers. As a result of participating in Ecommerce Europe’s initiative, my online store is more attractive. It shows consumers a quality certificate of transparency and reputation”.