Ecommerce Europe Welcomes Launch of MyBank Technical Pilot


During the Global E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona this week, EBA CLEARING announced the launch of its MyBank Technical Pilot. MyBank is a pan-European solution to online payments, allowing users to choose their personal bank for purchases, even when shopping cross-border. Banks from Austria, France, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg have signed up for participation in the technical testing, which will happen from June to October 2012.

Merchants, customers, integrators and routing service providers are involved in the process, to make sure the end result is a clean, efficient product that seamlessly integrates all its different components and will result in a pleasant user experience. MyBank will be introduced to the market in early 2013, functioning on both a national and cross-border level.

“We welcome the progress made on the implementation of MyBank,” said Wijnand Jongen, Chair of the Ecommerce Europe Executive Committee. “The European e-merchant community is eagerly awaiting an online banking based e-payment solution that will work at a pan-European level. We look forward to sharing its key benefits, such as high security levels, with customers across Europe.”

Earlier in the week Ecommerce Europe launched its draft position paper on e-payments earlier in a pre-conference prior to the Summit in Barcelona.

“The start of the MyBank Technical Pilot marks a major step towards the roll- out of the solution in early 2013,” said John Broxis, Director at EBA CLEARING. “The future users of MyBank are now able to test the functionalities and usability of the solution and confirm that all processes work smoothly in a practical context.”

MyBank will support SEPA Credit Transfers in browser-based applications and there are plans to release mobile support later in 2013.