Ecommerce Europe welcomes new management at e-Commerce Poland


Ecommerce Europe is pleased to welcome the new management at the Polish e-commerce association, e-Commerce Poland, Chamber of Digital Economy, which is a member of Ecommerce Europe. The mission of the association is to support the development of the Polish market for the provision of digital services, in particular the e-commerce sector, through cooperation, exchange of know-how and strong and effective representation of the interests of the industry in dialogue with the Polish Government, the European Union and non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad. In particular, the Chamber of Digital Economy is very active within Ecommerce Europe and works closely with industry in Europe and, through its seat on the Board of Directors, works on current EU legislative proposals in order to promote and facilitate e-commerce in Europe.

“We welcome Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska and Justyna Skorupska in the new management at the Chamber of Digital Economy and are pleased to work even closer with the Polish association. The Polish e-commerce market keeps growing with €7.6bn turnover for B2C e-commerce in 2015, and has a lot of potential. We will be working together in fostering and further developing the e-commerce industry in Europe,” commented Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe

In September, Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska was nominated as President of the Borad of the Chamber of Digital Economy. She presented an ambitious plan for the development of the association and the support the Polish e-commerce market.

Justyna black & whiteAt the Ecommerce Europe level, the new member of the Board of Directors representing the Chamber of Digital Economy is Justyna Skorupska, who became President of Advisory Board of the Chamber of Digital Economy. Justyna Skorupska is one of the most well-known e-commerce experts in Poland and she has a focus on the development and implementation of business strategies in electronic sales channels. She is an effective manager with many years of experience in major companies in the IT/online sector, where she has developed her career over the last 20 years. She is highly valued by the representatives of the e-commerce industry in Poland, and strongly involved in the education of the market and the creation of standards. She is a founding member of the Chamber of Digital Economy, where she has worked extensively, for example, on the analysis of the draft law on consumer rights. She also gives lectures in the field of e-commerce at universities in Warsaw like Koźmiński University, and is the co-author of postgraduate studies programs.

“I am convinced that thanks to closer cooperation with Ecommerce Europe and Justyna’s involvement as a member of the Board of Directors we will be able to do even more to promote and develop the digitization of the European e-commerce market. I believe that activities such as exchanging knowledge, drafting legislation, researching and monitoring digital economy trends, developing market standards and educating the public are key to respond to the challenges that the Digital Europe is facing” said Patrycja Sass – Staniszewska, President of the Board, eCommerce Polska.