Ecommerce Europe welcomes new Members in its Board of Directors!


Ahead of its Annual Conference in Barcelona, Ecommerce Europe held its Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 7 June. Ecommerce Europe is glad to announce that the AGM officially appointed Andreas Arlt, Tim Arlt, Florian Seikel and Annegret Mayer from the German national association Händlerbund as new Members of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe, together with Alexandre Nilo Fonseca from the Portuguese national association ACEPI.

The Board of Directors

Ecommerce Europe is governed by the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are appointed on non-binding recommendation by the Annual General Meeting of Ecommerce Europe. The Board of Directors comprises one or more representatives per country, who are nominated by the National Associations.

Board of Directors’ members are directors of National Associations, CEOs or high-level managing directors of prominent European B2C multichannel or e-commerce businesses. These members serve for a period of 3 years, with one possible reappointment for another period of 3 years.

If you want to know more about the members of the Board of Directors, please visit this page.

Board of Directors