Ecommerce Europe’s 2017 Wishlist


After a year of major achievements in 2016, in which Ecommerce Europe’s lobbying and advocacy helped to shape legislative outcomes to favor the e-commerce sector, and in which Ecommerce Europe took an active role in promoting increased e-commerce at all levels, Ecommerce Europe looks ahead to 2017.

Ecommerce Europe will continue to advocate for optimal policy outcomes for the European e-commerce sector, which will be particularly important given the European Commission’s strong focus on its Digital Single Market Strategy. Important legislative dossiers for e-commerce will be considered by policymakers, and Ecommerce Europe will ensure that the voice of the e-commerce sector is well heard. Meanwhile, we will also continue to develop our Trustmark scheme to further boost consumer trust in cross-border e-commerce in Europe.

e-Regulations: working for future-proof legislation that respects entrepreneurial freedom

2017 promises to be a packed year in the area of e-regulations, with the Commission having just published on 10 January another key legislative proposal, on ePrivacy, while several others go through the next steps of the legislative procedure. Ecommerce Europe will work at each stage of the legislative process to help legislation maximize the growth potential of the e-commerce sector. In this sense, a balanced approach, which respects the entrepreneurial freedom of online retailers, while at the same takes into account consumers’ needs, is fundamental.

As the geo-blocking, tangible goods and digital content proposals progress through the stages of the legislative process, Ecommerce Europe will continue to meet with stakeholders and convey our positions to them. Meanwhile, Ecommerce Europe hopes for positive progress on the Proposal for a VAT reform, published in December 2016, and will also push for a favorable outcome in terms of the Proposal for a Regulation on Privacy and electronic communications.

e-Logistics: Digitizing the parcel delivery sector

Ecommerce Europe will continue to be active at all levels in trying to drive the logistics sector in a digital direction. One of Ecommerce Europe’s landmark achievements of 2016 was the development of a harmonized label standard in CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. In 2017, we will continue to promote the harmonized label as the future of logistics in Europe and globally.

In addition, Ecommerce Europe will actively advocate for best outcomes for the Proposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery, meeting with policymakers in order to explain the need for a Regulation that improves price oversight in the cross-border parcel delivery market.

e-Payments: Promoting innovation through flexibility

In 2017, Ecommerce Europe will continue to advocate for the inclusion of a risk-based approach to electronic payment authentication in the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) upcoming Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). Ecommerce Europe will respond with recommendations, which it will convey to the European institutions, in order to achieve RTS that balance the need for security against flexibility for consumers and merchants.

Meanwhile, Ecommerce Europe will move forward its initiative for the development of a Payments Expert Taskforce, made up of payments experts from all sectors, to help guide the Ecommerce Europe e-Payments Working Committee in translating current market trends in electronic payments into future policy objectives.

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark: Building a single pan-European symbol of trust

In 2017, we will continue with the rapid growth of our Trustmark scheme, which was launched in September 2015, and currently has 11 participating national associations. This year, several of Ecommerce Europe’s affiliated national associations will join the scheme, including Hungary and Poland. We are also working closely with the Commission on the issue of the Trustmark scheme, having organized a high-level stakeholder meeting in December 2016, and will continue, and deepen, this cooperation in the year ahead.

Overall, 2017 promises to be a highly consequential year, and Ecommerce Europe will work hard to make it a historically positive one for European e-commerce.