Ecommerce Europe’s EU elections recommendation: Facilitate a transparent and fair global parcel delivery system


As parcel delivery remains an enormous challenge as well as a formidable creator of opportunities for the sector of digital commerce, Ecommerce Europe supports the development of a transparent and fair global parcel delivery system that would be beneficial for both postal operators and consumers.

Efficient and reliable delivery of parcels is indeed a crucial element of e-commerce. Digital commerce itself is fundamentally changing postal and parcel markets. Global e-commerce streams revolutionize shopping, but the current parcel streams are ill-fitted to accommodate this. Parcel delivery is a global issue and, in the past years, international postal agreements at United Nations’ level favored developing countries like China. This has put EU businesses at a competitive and unfair disadvantage.

While all commercial postal items containing goods have to be traceable since 2018 in the UPU, enforcement of this provision in the EU is missing. EU policymakers shall introduce mandatory traceability for all parcels delivered by any operator: this is a prerequisite for a functional Digital Single Market in the EU. Furthermore, it empowers EU consumers to decide how they need their goods delivered, and it also helps governments in dealing with VAT, customs, consumer rights and product safety. In the future, parcels will follow the consumers and not the other way around. Interoperability standards, like the Harmonized Parcel Label developed by Ecommerce Europe within the European Committee for Standardization, will be instrumental to ensure a seamless delivery to the end-consumer.

Please find our Manifesto on the priorities of the e-commerce sector here and our video  here.