Ecommerce Europe’s position on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive


Ecommerce Europe welcomes the upcoming revision of the Waste Framework Directive. EU policymakers have an opportunity to make this legislation a cornerstone of the EU’s ambition for a circular economy by learning from the experience of these past years and adapting the rules to businesses’ sustainable transition.  

By harmonising key definitions and legislation across the EU, policymakers have the opportunity to create a real single market for waste intended for reuse, repair and recycling. This would considerably stimulate the companies’ circular activities lifting existing barriers to the movement of secondary products and materials in the EU.  

Moreover, the Directive warrants aligning with the waste hierarchy and upcoming pieces of legislation on sustainable products and the promotion of repair and reuse, for either of these new legislations to have a long-lasting impact.  

As detailed in the past, Ecommerce Europe also strongly believe that the revision should trigger further efforts for the harmonisation of waste and EPR legislation to allow companies to operate cross-border and boost compliance 

Finally, our position paper highlights how this proposal could help us improve waste collection and treatment, as well as re-think the way we communicate and raise awareness about the question of handling of products and waste. 

For more information on this topic, you can consult our position paper.