eDelivery Barcelona: Where POST meets digital AFRICAN, LATAM and EUROPEAN commerce


Digital retail & the global postal network facilitates cross-border ecommerce between Africa, Latin America and Europe. The first day of eDelivery Barcelona, 26 June, is dedicated to cross-continental matchmaking between postal infrastructure and cross-border commerce.

eDelivery Barcelona is dedicating 26 June to cross-border commerce between Europe and both Africa and Latin America. eDelivery Barcelona will provide the forum for matchmaking between the unique single UPU postal territory and e-retail. AFRICAN and LATAM SMEs will have the opportunity to connect with EUROPEAN ecommerce, and usher in the next wave of cross-continental growth on an unprecedented scale.

The UPU, with its 192 Member States and their national postal administrations, forms the global backbone for commercial postal item delivery world-wide. To foster further development and growth in global commerce, the UPU and Ecommerce Europe, via the UPU Consultative Committee, are encouraging digital commerce by bringing together the commercial power of Africa and LATAM with European digital retail platforms.

The UPU has developed sustainable solutions for the cross-border delivery of commercial items. Local collection and the necessary customs applications are deployed so that commercial items ordered via ecommerce can be delivered globally. The single postal territory administered and maintained by the UPU and its 192 Member States ensures that items are delivered to end consumers by their national postal administrations around the world.

As the current chair of the UPU Consultative Committee which represents the wider postal stakeholders, Ecommerce Europe is providing the framework for African, LATAM and European associations (ES, PT, IT, NL, AT, DE), representing their almost 100,000 e-retailers, to meet and engage during the dedicated cross-border eDelivery day on 26 June.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is an intergovernmental organisation and special agency of the United Nations which facilitates global communication and the delivery of commercial items by guaranteeing the free circulation of postal items through a single postal territory of interconnected networks.

As the umbrella organisation for the 19 national e-commerce associations which make up its membership, Ecommerce Europe represents over 75,000 companies selling goods and services online to consumers in Europe.

For more information on the eDelivery Barcelona conference, please visit this website.