‘The End of Online Shopping’, new book by Ecommerce Europe Vice President and Executive Committee Chair Wijnand Jongen


On 28 November, Wijnand Jongen, co-founder of Ecommerce Europe and the Chair of its Executive Committee, has launched his new book entitled ‘the End of Online Shopping’. In this book, he presents his vision for the future of e-commerce, which he believes will increasingly become fused with brick-and-mortar in what Mr. Jongen refers to as ‘connected retail.’

A radical transformation of the shopping sector

In his book Mr. Jongen identifies a crisis at hand in the shopping sector, in that neither brick-and-mortar shops nor webshops can keep up with the rapid changes in consumer behavior. Therefore, he predicts that, in the coming years, the societal impact of digitalization will lead to the end of online shopping as we know it. In the future world of shopping, everything will be digitally connected and fused together. He introduces the term ‘connected retail’ to refer to this phenomenon. These changes, Mr. Jongen argues, will radically transform the shopping sector, representing a 180-degree turn in the world of shopping as a social sector.

Connected retail

In his book, Mr. Jongen further expands on how connected retail will incorporate important trends in the global economy. He refers to connected retail as a new economic paradigm of four mutually reinforcing economies: smart, sharing, circular, and glocal (global + local). Together, these lead the way to a new economic order: one that is more personal, equal, green, and accessible for people and society. He also issues a warning that if governments, companies, and people fail to take responsibility and neglect to take proper measures now to adapt to these radically changing conditions, it could spell disaster for human society.

You can find more detailed information on ‘The End of Online Shopping’ here.

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