EP: Quality of Parcel Delivery should improve to serve cross-border ecommerce sales


The European Parliament has set out its recommendations to improve the parcel delivery market in the EU in order to build confidence in online shopping and foster cross-border online trade in Europe. MEP Pablo Arias Echeverria (EPP, Spain) drafted a non-legislative resolution on this matter.

“It is really important to achieve a market which offers secure and reliable online shopping to consumers, as well as give the possibility to consumers to choose between a wider range of products and different shipment options, choosing for instance where and when a parcel should be delivered at the point of purchase” stated the rapporteur.
The parcel delivery market in the EU faces a number of problems: half of the consumers stated they have concerns about non-delivery, damaged goods or uncertainty about return policies.

The Internal Market Committee, of which MEP Arias Echeverria is a member, considers that more transparency and more comparable information on delivery options, prices and conditions are important to consumers’ trust in the market and can partly take away the concerns that they have. The MEP’s calls on the European Commission to adopt EU-guidelines on minimum standards for comparison websites. They also emphasise that more affordable delivery options are paramount to increase long-distance sales and purchases.

Facts: online shopping in the EU increased over 20% in 2012 to about €250bn and estimates suggest that the growth is likely to continue in double-digit numbers. Cross-border sales are expected to increase in four-fold.

Ecommerce Europe believes that a well-functioning parcel delivery market is essential for a successful pan-European online shopping environment and argues that the problems should be addressed as to ensure consumers trust. Ecommerce Europe supports all measures that increase consumers’ trust, as this fosters the online shopping environment, which is essential for economic growth on the European continent.