EshopWedrop joins Ecommerce Europe!


Ecommerce Europe is delighted to welcome EshopWedrop as a new Company Member PLUS of Ecommerce Europe.

About EshopWedrop

EshopWedrop was created to satisfy the growing demand for online shopping from consumers based outside of the main Western European countries, where distribution options are limited or the delivery costs are too prohibitive to buy the goods. EshopWedrop is an international B2C delivery service enabling frustrated Eastern European consumers to overcome restrictions in making online purchases from online e-tailers in countries like the UK, Poland, Italy and Germany. EshopWedrop eradicates these barriers by providing consumers with a service that is not only reliable and fast, but offers inexpensive delivery rates.

The concept of the service is very simple. EshopWedrop supply the customer with an address in the country of purchase for the e-tailor to deliver to – this being one of the Company’s B2B consolidation facilities. Once the goods are receipted, they are labelled with a barcode and it becomes possible for the customer to track their progress all the way up to the final delivery, through a seamless e-com experience.

Key consumer benefits:

  • Increased access to online shops and product choices
  • Costs savings by buying goods from UK, Germany, Italy and other European e-tailers
  • Receipt of weekly emails detailing discounts available in the UK, Germany, Italy and other European markets
  • Cost effective delivery rates
  • Range of home, work or collection point delivery options
  • Options to consolidate multiple purchases and deliver or collect goods in person

“We are delighted to join the Ecommerce Europe association as it provides EshopWedrop with best in class expertise and a strong platform to support our growth in the e-commerce sector. The in-depth research data provided about European markets and networking opportunities will also be key in supporting our business strategies. We are also very excited to contribute to the development of cross-border ecommerce in Europe by sharing our logistics expertise and experiences” stated Mircea Bandean, Managing Director, EshopWedrop

Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, commented: “We are happy to welcome EshopWedrop as our new Company Member PLUS and it is a great addition to our already extensive Company Members network. EshopWedrop is a company that wishes to provide new, flexible and user-friendly solutions for online shoppers. Both EshopWedrop and Ecommerce Europe understand the importance of the growing the e-commerce industry everywhere in Europe and the importance of logistics. We are looking forward to collaborating to achieve our mutual goals in the European context.”

How to join Ecommerce Europe

If you would like further information on how to become a Company Member of Ecommerce Europe, and the advantages of membership, please visit our website here.