EshopWedrop joint ventures with Whitehouse Solutions to expand UK-EU B2C operations


Guest article by Eshopwedrop

Ecommerce Europe’s Company Member EshopWedrop has launched a new strategic partnership with Whitehouse Solutions.

EshopWedrop is a D2C cloud native and low-cost cross-border parcel delivery solutions provider. The company enables consumers to buy goods from online retailers in the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia. Customers can purchase products from any popular e-commerce store, and have their products shipped to their home addresses.

Whitehouse Solutions is a business operating within the fulfilment industry across a multitude of market sectors. Their specialist skillset in e-commerce and e-fulfilment make them a great asset to oversee the EshopWedrop UK origin warehouse operations, allowing to push the parcel volume growth from the UK into Europe.

The partnership between EshopWedrop and Whitehouse Solutions will make it easier to offer D2C parcel deliveries from the United Kingdom to all EU countries and to liaise with local couriers to provide a fully integrated door-to-door service. As an established fulfilment provider, Whitehouse Solutions are uniquely placed to offer UK e-tailers a gateway into Europe by way of the EshopWedrop network and existing client base. EshopWedrop has plans to expand across all of Europe, ensuring future operations in all European countries over the coming months. E-tailers will benefit from sophisticated digital technology that allows for simplified e-customs clearance procedures across the entirety of Europe and will benefit from the new I-OSS procedures concerning Import VAT charges.

Additionally, simplified e-customs clearance by way of the Netherlands will provide a swift and cost-effective way of bringing goods into Europe. Furthermore, by means of this partnership, e-sellers will be able to fully enjoy the UK as a shopping origin from the comfort of their own homes, and will also very quickly benefit from faster parcel delivery and transit times.

EshopWedrop is a Company Member Plus of Ecommerce Europe. Learn more about the benefits of the Company Member Plus membership with Ecommerce Europe  here.