EU Carries Out an Investigation into Joint Venture for Mobile Payments


A European supervisory body has started an investigation into a joint venture of the English companies Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and O2 in the field of mobile payments.

Last year, the three largest mobile operators in England announced that they wanted to start a sort of clearing house for mobile payments, as an intermediary for advertisers, banks and retailers. The mobile operator Three immediately submitted a complaint as they felt they had been excluded.

On Friday the European Commission announced that the collaboration is to be investigated because of ‘potential concerns’. Spokesperson, Joaquín Almunia, emphasised that though the EU does want to stimulate innovation, it is important that competition remains healthy.

According to ZDNet, Three is not the only company that objected to the joint venture of the three market-leaders. For the rest, the latter have declared that the joint venture would operate independently.

A statement is expected by the end of August.

Bron: Emerce