Eurobarometer: 25% of European online consumers are being discriminated


A quarter of European consumers are being discriminated during online shopping, a Eurobarometer survey reports. Examples of discrimination are differing prices depending on the country of origin when booking a hotel.

Consumer policy Commissioner Neven Mimica said: “Creating a true single market and enabling e-commerce to fulfil its potential growth could generate benefits up to €200 billion for consumers. Unjustified discrimination based on the nationality or place of residence in the provision of services is forbidden by EU law. I want to make sure that consumers know their rights and that these rights are fully respected and enforced.”

The Eurobarometer comes at an important time, as the Christmas sales are expected to boom. The Christmas holidays also generate a lot of revenues for hotels, as a lot of Europeans enjoy their holidays away from home. About 74% of the complaints concern buying goods online, 21% relate to services in the tourism industry.

Ecommerce Europe aims to create a level playing field for consumers. Hence, price discrimination is deemed inappropriate. Moreover, Ecommerce Europe puts effort in trust-generating measures, such as proportionally strengthening consumer rights. Price discrimination undermines trust of the consumers and will eventually undermine the revenues of the businesses that are doing so.

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