European Commission proposes two new regulations for a safer and fairer EU Single Market


The European Commission published today two proposals to strengthen the European Single Market, by simplifying the sale of products across Europe through mutual recognition and by ensuring the safety of products exchanged in Europe.

The proposal for a Regulation on Mutual Recognition of Goods aims at enabling manufacturers to sell their product across Europe without additional requirements, even if those are not subject to the EU-wide regulation. This  proposal will considerably speed up procedures for companies, allowing them to use a voluntary declaration to demonstrate that their products meet all the relevant requirements in their country and therefore making it easier for authorities to assess where mutual recognition can apply.

To complement this proposal, the European Commission also put forward a new proposal for a Regulation on Compliance and Enforcement. This proposal aims at helping national market surveillance authorities to cooperate adequately in order to make the European Single market both safer for consumers and fairer for businesses.

The draft Regulations will now be sent to the European Parliament and Council for adoption. Once adopted, they will be directly applicable. Ecommerce Europe will analyze both proposals and report back to its members accordingly, to ensure that the interests of online merchants will be properly taken into account.

For more information, you can consult the European Commission’s Communication on the Goods Package.