European Commission publishes its Retail Transition Pathway


On 12 March, the European Commission launched its Retail Transition Pathway, which marks the beginning of the co-implementation of this new action plan.  

The Transition Pathway for Retail aims to encourage collaboration between all actors in the ecosystem to accelerate its green and digital transition and to improve its resilience. This document is the result of a co-creation process which involved a large number of stakeholders, including Ecommerce Europe. 

The Transition Pathway outlines existing challenges and opportunities for retail, taking stock of existing initiatives that can be leveraged and highlighting the extent of the investment required to continue the green and digital transition.  

The path forward is outlined across 6 building blocks, under which the European Commission proposed a series of concrete actions for all actors: 

  • A resilient retail ecosystem  
  • A digitally empowered retail ecosystem 
  • A green retail ecosystem 
  • A retail ecosystem empowered by skills 
  • Investment & funding to support the transition of the retail ecosystem  
  • A fair and just retail ecosystem for businesses, workers and consumers 

Next steps

The publication marks the beginning of the co-implementation process of this Transition Pathway. The European Commission will establish a collaboration process to facilitate stakeholders’ commitment, as well as the monitoring of the implementation. A call for commitments and initiatives from stakeholders will be published by the European Commission on this webpage, together with a list of other Transition Pathways on mobility, textiles, social economy…. 

All stakeholders will be able to contribute to the next steps of this process through an online stakeholder collaboration platform which will be launched soon. This platform will gather necessary resources, including learning opportunities and resources, funding opportunities, best practices, as well as relevant platforms to support cooperation among stakeholders.  

Ecommerce Europe looks forward to engaging with its members, the European Commission and stakeholders to ensure the successful transition of the retail sector.