European Commission publishes Roadmap on Circular Economy Action Plan


On 11 December, the European Commission published its highly expected   Communication on the European Green Deal, accompanied by a   timeline with key legislative and non-legislative initiatives. With this, the Commission sets clear and ambitious goals to reach a climate-neutral and circular economy.

The communication announced that in March 2020, the Commission will adopt both an EU industrial strategy and a Circular Economy Action plan. The industrial strategy will address the joint challenges of the green and digital transformation, and the circular economy action plan will add to this by helping to modernize the EU’s economy and stimulate the development of lead markets for climate neutral and circular products.

Ahead of the publication of the Communication on a New Circular Economy Action Plan in March 2020, the European Commission published a Roadmap outlining the issues at stake, and the objectives of the future Communication. The Commission uses roadmaps to define the scope of new policies or plans, describe the problem and explain why EU action is required.

The roadmap explains that the action plan aims to speed up the transition towards a circular economy. To achieve this, it will:

  • Include a sustainable products policy, to boost design, production and marketing of sustainable products.
  • Include measures to empower consumers to contribute to the circular economy.
  • Help reduce waste generation and support the modernization of certain waste laws.
  • Foster a well-functioning and integrated internal market for secondary raw materials to ensure that they are safe, competitively priced and reliable.
  • Identify actions to address high-impact sector.
  • Seek to build European leadership at global level by working closely with key global partners.

Ecommerce Europe recognizes that the digital commerce sector can and should make a positive contribution to the transition towards a European circular economy.

Following these considerations, Ecommerce Europe and its members have decided to launch a new focus area: sustainability. In February 2020, a new Sustainability Working Group will hold its first meeting. In this setting, members will have the opportunity to share challenges they come across in their countries, best practices, and develop the position of Ecommerce Europe on sustainability related files.

With the introduction of the new Working Group, Ecommerce Europe sets out to make a positive contribution and continue to work towards a sustainable and circular retail sector.

The Roadmap is now open for feedback. The consultation opened on 23 December and will close on 20 January 2020.