European Commission publishes Roadmap on Postal Services Directive


On 2 March, the European Commission published the evaluation roadmap on the Postal Services Directive. The Commission uses roadmaps to define the scope of an evaluation of existing policies or new policies, describe the problem and explain why EU action is required.

The Postal Services Directive (PSD) established a regulatory framework for European Postal Services. At its core lies the universal service obligation (USO), which ensures that letters and parcels are delivered to  homes or business premises all five days of the week throughout each EU country.

The Directive aimed to create an internal market for postal services via gradual liberalization, while ensuring that everyone in the EU had access to a minimum set of services (delivery of letters and parcels up to 20 kg) at a reasonable price. In particular, the Postal Services Directive defines the minimum requirements of the universal service to be guaranteed by each EU member state, defines the tariff principles applicable and encourages technical harmonization in the postal sector.

Since the last revision in 2008, the postal sector has undergone big changes due to digitalization and e-commerce. This has led to a steady decline in letter mail, which is not entirely compensated by the growth in the parcel market. This roadmap will assess whether the Directive is still fit for purpose and achieves its original aims.

Between 2 and 30 March, the European Commission has opened a feedback period of the Evaluation and Fitness Check Roadmap on the Postal Services Directive. Ecommerce Europe will assess the roadmap and prepare a written contribution accordingly. In addition, Ecommerce Europe continues to participate in various European Commission’s working groups and stakeholder workshops focusing on this topic.