European Commission seeks business’ input on digital issues


The European Commission has launched a web portal, aiming to collect relevant information from businesses for the realization of the Digital Single Market and the stimulation of cross-border e-commerce. Ecommerce Europe invites all of its members to actively participate in the discussion to make their valuable daily experiences and expertise acknowledged in the upcoming Digital Single Market strategy.

Digital single market strategy for cross-border e-commerce

In May 2015, the European Commission will propose a strategy for achieving a Connected Digital Single Market. One of the main priorities of this strategy is to facilitate cross-border e-commerce. As part of the exercise, the EU executive is seeking concrete input from the concerned stakeholders on their needs and problems as well as to hear their experience and suggestions for the completion of the Digital Single Market. The Commission is planning to discuss the collected input on 25th March.

Input from webshops

The new Digital4EU platform provides various ways to participate in knowledge sharing with the European Commission. Users can share their ideas and experience on digital issues as well as comment, vote and discuss on already posted topics. In addition, the platform provides more sophisticated ways to share valuable knowledge and experiences by inviting users to upload studies, articles, graphs, surveys and other material that support your ideas and experience. In addition, users can upload their video and other audiovisual material to generate more interactive ways of discussion.

How to participate?

Ecommerce Europe will contact its members in the coming weeks to facilitate their contributions. However, members are also invited to provide their input directly to the platform.

Interested stakeholders need to register before using the Digital4EU platform. Users get to manage the content of the platform themselves, while the European Commission will assist the discussions and may intervene to ask some questions along the way. Users can post in any EU language although English is encouraged to enable an exchange of views between all the stakeholders. The web portal managers will however do their best to respond to specific questions in the appropriate European language.

For the Digital4EU platform, please click here.

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