European Commission to restructure existing energy labelling of electronic products


The European Commission wants to restructure the existing energy labelling of electronic products. To make it more concrete, for instance, the current ‘A+++’ label will be changed into ‘C’. The proposed adjustment is, according to the Commission, necessary because products are getting more and more energy efficient and energy labeling needs to be more suitable for the future. Also, both for consumers and for producers it is inconvenient to constantly add more plusses to existing products. That is why the Commission has also proposed to abolish the “+++” additions, in order to increase the clarity of the energy labels.

Less administrative burdens for web shops!

Ecommerce Europe agrees on the fact that a new categorization is necessary since electric products are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. If, on one hand, Ecommerce Europe welcomes the initiative of the Commission, on the other hand, the association is concerned about the potential implementation-related burdens for online merchants. In fact, in the current proposal, the Commission wants a transition period of 7 days and according to Ecommerce Europe such a transition period is too short. Additionally, Ecommerce Europe thinks that energy logos should only be placed on websites when the consumer is at the check-out page, in order to minimize the administrative burden for web shops.

Next steps

Ecommerce Europe will keep monitoring the process and remain in close dialogue with the European policy makers in order to ensure that the voice of the e-commerce sector is heard. For more information about the consequences of the energy efficiency label revision for online merchants, please contact Ecommerce Europe.