European Online Retail Forecast: Polish E-commerce Forecast to Exceed European Average


According to CRR research commissioned by Kelkoo, the total European e-commerce market was worth £169.88 billion (€200.52 bn) in 2011, up from £143,720 million (€169.63 bn) last year. Online retailers in only three countries, UK, Germany and France accounted for 71% of European online sales.

In 2008, online sales in Europe were £101.84 billion (€117.84 bn). The rate of growth of online retailing in the UK and elsewhere in Europe is expected to be slightly lower in 2012, reflecting the continued economic slowdown. In the meantime the growth in e-commerce sales in the US has diminished, having attained a market share of around 9%.

poland 2012

Source: Centre for Retail Research

Taking into account the different sizes of Europe and the U.S. online trade shares are about the same in both regions. The highest rate of growth by an EC member state that was featured in the research was achieved by Poland, which increased its e-commerce turnover by 24% in 2011, taking its share of total retail sales to 3.8 percent.

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Source: Centre For Retail Research