European Parliament calls for greater trust in e-commerce


The European Parliament calls for enhanced trust in e-commerce by extending the single market to online payments & e-invoicing and by clarifying VAT rules. These were among the key points of the 2015 Single Market governance report, while identifying unused potentials of the Digital Single Market. Completing the European Single Market would greatly stimulate cross-border e-commerce.

Need for greater trust

The European Parliament is calling for greater trust in e-commerce among other issues in the recent annual report on Single Market governance. The document outlines that non-harmonization and lack of legal certainty are primary concerns in the Digital Single Market and that the Commission must ensure better enforcement of existing EU rules in Member States. The report consequently calls on the Commission to take urgent action to keep up with the pace of changing technologies as to make the Single Market fit for the 21st century.

New market rules in digital era

In this context, the report underlines the need to update the EU Single Market rules in a digital era by establishing a single area for online payments, e-invoicing and by clarifying VAT rules. Ecommerce Europe welcomes these views as it has been advocating for a creation of a pan-European framework for online payments as to enable consumers to use their national payment methods across the European continent. Ecommerce Europe has additionally been calling on the Commission to clarify European VAT registration through an extended Mini One Stop Shop for all goods sold online.

Next steps

Drafted by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament, the report is published every year and puts forward recommendations on how the Single Market can be further improved in key areas.

The European Parliament is planning a vote on the Single Market governance report on 10 March with a view the Spring European Council meeting taking place on 19-20 of March. The approval of the report would also come two months ahead of the Commission’s plan to announce its Digital Single Market strategy in May.