Exceptional challenges and opportunities in Southern Europe


Southern European countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain present an exceptional set of challenges to e-commerce entrepreneurs who that be used to cultural norms prevailing in Northern and Western European countries. More importantly, these online markets have yet to reach maturity in the same way as the United Kingdom, France and Germany, representing a growth opportunity for those who are willing to invest.

In the major part of Western Europe, e-commerce markets such as France, Germany and the UK, e-commerce is mature and in most cases dominated by the biggest chain of online retailers and direct marketers. In Southern Europe e-commerce is not as concentrated, enabling online sales to grow more rapidly from a much smaller base.

Ecommerce Europe indicates the total e-commerce economy of the Southern European countries amounted to €32.4 bn in 2012, a 29.3% growth compared to 2011. The countries of Southern Europe together with the Eastern European countries, the Baltic States and Iceland are emerging e-commerce countries with growth percentages between 25% and 33%.

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