Fevad: 2015 review of e-commerce in France. The French spent €65 billion on the Internet


According to the study published today by Fevad, and presented to the Ministry of the Economy and Industry in the presence of Mrs Martine Pinville, Secretary of State for Commerce, Crafts, Consumption and the Social Economy, online sales continued to develop in 2015.

This study is based on data gathered from the main retail sites and the aggregate amount of transactions made via the main payment service providers for the benefit of more than 182,000 websites. The methodology’s consistency and data processing have been validated by KPMG.

In 2015, e-commerce increased by more than 14%

In total, the French spent €64.9 billion on the Internet in 2015, a figure which has risen by 14.3% in the space of one year. The number of transactions also increased by 19%, progressing from 700 million in 2014 to 835 million in 2015. The Internet sales market progressed more quickly in 2015 than in the previous year (+11% in 2014), in particular thanks to much higher sales than those forecast in the first nine months and Christmas sales which showed an increase of 12% compared to 2014. For Christmas (November and December), the online sales market (products and services) progressed by 12% to reach €12.8 billion.

Smaller amounts but more buyers who continue to consume even more

The average amount of transactions showed its strongest decrease in the last quarter: -6% in one year. It fell by €5 compared to the 4th quarter of 2014, thus bringing the annual average basket down to €78, namely the lowest amount ever registered. This decrease in the average basket confirms the fact that online purchases are becoming a standard practice, which, every year, is becoming slightly closer to the average amount of purchases made by the French on other sales circuits. Also, this decrease continues to be rewarded by the arrival of new buyers (2.30 million more in one year – Source: Médiamétrie) and by an increase in buying frequency. On average, buyers complete 23 transactions in the year (namely about 2 purchases per month) for a sum of €1,780 (€1,640 in 2014). This represents an increase of 13% in the annual number of orders per buyer and an annual expenditure which has progressed by 8%. Thus, over the past four years, buying frequency increased by 68% and the average amount spent progressed by 45%. There are also 20% more buyers than four years ago.

This buying frequency also takes advantage of progress in the pace of website creation. The number of retail sites increased by 16% in one year, namely about 25,000 additional sites in 12 months, which is a record. There are now more than 182,000 active retail sites in France. Today, there are 100,000 more sites than five years ago.

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The Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (e-commerce and mail order federation), created in 1957, now brings together 600 companies and 800 websites. It is the representative organisation for the electronic and mail order sector. In particular, the Fevad’s mission is to collect and distribute information enabling better knowledge of the sector and to act in favour of the sustainable and ethical development of mail order and e-commerce sales in France.

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