Free Fashion Report for fashion retailers


Are you a fashion retailer and would you like to have more insight into the fashion industry?Then complete the Ecommerce Benchmark before April 28th 2015 and receive the full Fashion Report for free in the beginning of June. This comprehensive report is based on the results of the Benchmark and provides insights into the entire fashion market.

With the Fashion Report you will get answers to pressing questions, such as: What sub-industry within fashion achieves the highest turnover? Does the jeans industry have more repeat visitors than men’s fashion? Or, what percentage of purchases is sent back to the retailer?

On the basis of 21 KPIs that companies can complete for free and anonymously, we provide answers to these and many other questions. In addition, we show your individual score in comparison with your direct competitors.

The Fashion Report is an initiative of the Ecommerce Foundation, an independent organization initiated by 16 national associations. Its mission is to further help retailers by providing Ecommerce Reports, the Ecommerce Benchmark and other studies. For more information about the Ecommerce Foundation, please click here.

Not a fashion retailer but do you want to complete the benchmark as well? No problem, choose your industry and enjoy the same benefits.