Free for Business Partners and Company Members: Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference and Global E-commerce Summit


Are you interested in discovering the future trends in European e-commerce and are you a Company Member or a Business Partner? Then you’re in luck, since Company Members receive one and Business Partners receive two free ticket(s) to both the Annual Conferenceand the Global E-commerce Summit.

The Ecommerce Europe  Annual Conference 2015 is the biggest European platform for e-commerce policy makers and businesses and is held on June 8. Visitors learn more about how the e-commerce sector can continue its double-digit growth rate and discuss how to create a policy landscape suitable for the future of cross-border e-commerce. On June 9 & 10, the business view on these topics will be discussed by inspirational keynotes and merchants during the Global Ecommerce Summit, which in 2015 is themed “Strategies in a competitive global e-commerce landscape.”.

Company members of Ecommerce Europe receive one free ticket for both the Annual Conference and the Global E-commerce Summit on June 8, 9 & 10 and a discount for extra tickets. Business Partners of Ecommerce Europe receive two free tickets.

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