German Online Food Retailers Establish their Own Federal Association

Rapidly growing sales in the online food retail sector have induced its early adopters to launch their own trade association. Last Wednesday nine of the largest suppliers came together in Berlin to found the Bundesverband Lebensmittel-Onlinehandel (BVLO) [the Association of Online Food Retailers] to help to present new opportunities for customers in the food segment, as well as to communicate and develop future opportunities together.

Christian Heitmeyer, president of the new association (and founder of All You Need) said: “The food industry is facing major challenges. New lifestyle concepts on the part of consumers demand new approaches. The current pace of technological development is driving the rapid implementation of mobile Internet, smart devices, etc. They are already functioning and changing markets. Or they even develop new ones like online retailing of food products. We expect strong growth in this area in the near future, leading to an approximately 15% market share by 2015. I know the traditionalists trust us to achieve just 1.5%. The idea of home computers was initially considered to be completely absurd.”

The BVLO is the independent lobby group for online food retailing providers in Germany. The aim of the association is to promote the online trade in daily essentials and to provide information and support innovation, working in partnership with the people of Germany, business partners, politicians and other stakeholders. It is open to all companies that have their focus in this area. The association is based in Berlin.

Founding members of the Online Food Retailers Association

(BVLO) are (alphabetically):

In addition to Christian Heitmeyer, other representatives elected to the BVLO board were: Christian Fickert (founder of and Pascal Zier (CEO of As Secretary-General Sebastian Schilling (Allyouneed) specified that requests for membership will be gladly received.