Germany – E-commerce grows 17.3 per cent on Q1 2013, total distance selling up 19.3 per cent


In Quarter 1 of 2013 German distance selling including e-commerce and mail-order, reached €10.7bn compared to 9.0bn in Q1 2012, a growth of 19.4 per cent. Ecommerce, excluding services, reached €8.7bn, a share of 81.5 % compared to 70.8 % last year, a plus of 37.3% in turnover.

graph germanyIn 2012 the online sales of goods in Germany increased 27% and German BVH expects a growth of 21% this year. The chart shows the average spend per e-shopper in Germany over the years and a forecast for 2013..

“The continued growth of e-commerce in Germany is remarkable,” said Nicolo Viegener, Country Manager, DA-CH of ChannelAdvisor, one of the new partners of BVH to study the market, . “An increase of over 35% in 15 months shows clearly that online is on the way up. . We are very excited about the results of further studies to learn more about the latest e-commerce developments in the German market. “

A very distinct growth can be seen in the group of over 60: 20 per cent up ompared to last year. Equally striking is the increase in the share of purchases through mobile devices and apps. The expectations are that this will further develop during the rest of this year. The use of the smartphone for purchasing and payment is strongly increasibg. The overall share of smartphones of the total mobile phone market has reached 50 per cent. 40% of these are used to purchase, up eight oer cent compared to 2012.  In Q1 2013 purchasing by using a mobile pyment service overtook payment by invoice or credit card as the most preferred payment method: 44 per cent against 43%.

The top five best selling product groups in turnover were:
1 Clothing / Apparel / Footwear €3.3bn, up 2.5%
2 Books, video and audio €2bn, up 121%
3 Consumer Electronics / Electronics Articles €939mn, down7%
4 Appliances / Housewares & Small Article €664mn, up 47.6%
5 Hobby, collecting and Leisure Products €390bn, up 31.5%

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Source: BVH, the German Association for Ecommerce and Distance Selling, Ecommerce Europe research and estimates.