Germany takes the lead in Central Europe


In 2012 the total e-commerce economy of Central Europe amounted to €76.3 bn, a growth of 20.5% compared to 2011. Leader in Central Europe is Germany with a €50 bn turnover and a 21.6% growth rate.

The increased growth in the German market over the last years – 16.8% in 2011, 21.6% in 2012 – seems to reflect on the late adoption of e-commerce by the mail order industry which has been traditionally strong in Germany. Notable also are the growth percentages of Austria and Switzerland, 16.7% and 15.5%, which seems to indicate that both countries are becoming more mature e-commerce markets. Remaining countries in Central Europe such as Poland and Czech Republic are leaping behind in terms of e-commerce turnover. However, they show remarkable high growth rate, 25% and 19.6% respectively.

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