Global E-Commerce Summit 2013 – illy coffee: “Customers are a community, not a clientele”


Over 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee are enjoyed every day in over 140 countries around the world. But how does a luxury coffee producer handle its e-commerce and online communications? For illy EMEA Marketing Director and Direct Channel Director Paolo Bonsignore, e-commerce is all about creating emotional engagement.

Paolo Bonsignore will be one of the keynote speakers at the Global E-Commerce Summit 2013 where he will share insights about the role of branded content in e-commerce. For, he answered the following 5 questions:

What is the biggest challenge in e-commerce for illy as a company?
Our biggest challenge is to reflect our personality correctly. illy is a company that has a very unique value proposition that sets it apart from the competition. This has to be coherent across all media and all channels. It’s a delicate balance and locating it in the e-commerce arena is not so simple.

What makes coffee a product people want to buy online?

People don’t only want great products, a simple website and 5-star customer care. They want to be entertained, cared for, informed, emotionally engaged. If you are successful in understanding them first and then giving them what they want, they’ll come back.

Which message do you want to get through to your online customers?
That illy is truly unique and that illy lovers are people with a peculiar taste for beautiful and meaningful things. We believe we share an attitude.

How do you think will people buy their coffee and other consumption goods in 10 years?

The future is not only about coffee. Mobile will boom and it will interact with television. Every TV ad aired will send an input to our second (I call them “Personal”) screen with a targeted offer, different for everyone. Coffee will be sold, as today, in Bars, Restaurants, Supermarkets and online.

What do you expect from attending the Global E-Commerce Summit?
I’m sure it’s going to be inspiring to meet people from different backgrounds and pick their brains!


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