Global E-commerce Summit 2017: Only one month to go!


Only one month to go until the Global E-commerce Summit 2017 (GES), that will take place 12-14 June in Barcelona! The Global E-commerce Summit is the leading annual e-commerce event hosted by Ecommerce Europe and organized by BBP Media. From 12 June to 14 June, digital B2C commercial stakeholders from all over the world will gather in Barcelona to discuss and learn about the latest and most impactful disruptions, to develop and nurture professional networks and showcase e-commerce ecosystem services.

A rich and innovative program to keep up with the fast-changing world of e-commerce

For the first time in history, Ecommerce Europe is presenting four policy sessions within the Global E-Commerce Summit program. The objective is to learn how online merchants can prepare themselves for new rules and future regulations, and most importantly have a say in the debate concerning pressing policy choices which are not yet decided upon.

The four policy tracks will touch upon four main topics which are, in our view, of major importance for online merchants as they have the potential to help them in increasing their sales and reducing regulatory burdens. More specifically, the workshops will cover the following policies and try to answer to some of the following questions:

  1. Changing consumer legislation in Europe: Retailer and consumer rights (Tuesday 13 June 2017 – morning)
    1. How can we improve consumer rights and contract law without imposing unreasonable burdens on online merchants?
    2. How can both online merchants and consumers benefit from a single horizontal “EU Consumer Code”? Can this improve all parties’ legal certainty? What is the role of pan-EU trust labels, like the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark?
  2. Proposal for new VAT rules for cross-border e-commerce: How could it benefit online shops? (Tuesday 13 June 2017- afternoon)
    1. How burdensome is for online merchants to deal with the current VAT rules when selling abroad in Europe?
    2. The European Commission presented a proposal to reform and modernize VAT rules for e-commerce. How are these new rules expected to help businesses in selling cross-border?
  3. Thinking outside the parcel box: Let’s turn the analog parcel into a digital and interconnected one! (Wednesday 14 June 2017 – morning)
    1. Are the current efforts of the EU enough to accommodate the demands of such a fast-growing e-commerce market?
    2. What is your opinion about the open, harmonized parcel label that Ecommerce Europe has been developing?
  4. The role of digital currencies and blockchain in e-commerce: Security vs. innovation (Wednesday 14 June 2017 – afternoon)
  5. What will these new rules mean for online payment methods for businesses and consumers?
  6. Have European policy makers gone too far in their quest against terrorism-financing by harming businesses? Or will increased security in virtual currency exchanges also reduce fraud levels?

Ecommerce is pleased to welcome outstanding speakers  

Distinguished panelists coming from different realities of the e-commerce sector and the policy-making sphere will take part to the Global E-commerce Summit. In particular, Ecommerce Europe has invited European policymakers, C-level speakers from prominent e-commerce companies and promising startups, and consumers’ representatives to discuss the effect of upcoming policy changes in Europe on the e-commerce sector.

For more information on the program of the Global E-commerce Summit 2017 and to register, please visit the event website or contact