GR.E.C.A. launches the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark!


Yesterday (30 November), the Greek eCommerce association GR.E.C.A. launched the first Greek e-commerce Trustmark, in cooperation with Ecommerce Europe and the E-Business Research Center (ELTRUN). The Trustmark will provide support to Greek retailers trading online, both nationally and internationally. Retailers who sign up to the Greek Trustmark will receive the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. Trustmark awardees will be subject to an audit to ensure compliance with European consumer law.

“We are very happy to announce the launch of GR.E. C.A.’s Trustmark, part of our continuous efforts to introduce more price transparency and access to information to the e-commerce sector, to enhance consumer confidence in online shopping, and to ensure that trading practices are at the highest level. Moreover, we are very optimistic that it will assist and expand cross-border e-commerce from Greece to a Pan-European level, as our national Trustmark will operate alongside an established and trusted symbol, the European Trustmark from Ecommerce Europe”

–  Fotis Antonopoulos, President of the Board, Greek eCommerce Association (GR.E. C.A.)

Boosting the e-commerce market in Greece and in Europe

The economic recession is still hitting hard in Greece, with government spending cuts and one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. However, the Ecommerce Foundation’s figures show that the B2C e-commerce market is growing in the country, with a forecast of €4.2bn of turnover for total online sales and good services this year.

“I strongly believe that the Trustmark can help to further boost the industry. Thanks to GR.E.C.A., retailers who sign up to the Greek Trustmark will be awarded the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. I look forward to deepening our cooperation with the Greek eCommerce association by working together on strengthening the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark and therefore the European e-commerce market.”

– Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe

How does the Trustmark work?

The European and the Greek Trustmark are always used together, and they give consumers peace of mind by allowing them to read in full what their rights are, and what commitments the online trader has made. This is essential for boosting trust in e-commerce at the European level. Furthermore, in case of a complaint, the consumer can contact the Trustmark Service Centre.

This provides Greek retailers with great opportunities in Europe, as using the national Trustmark builds trust among local consumers. It also reduces legal barriers to entry to cross-border trade for retailers, as the national associations have the national legal expertise, relevant for a web shop in that specific country. Finally, there is evidence that it will considerably increase sales. Websites displaying a National Trustmark in Europe have reported a 26% increase in conversion rates on like-for-like testing.

Where is the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark available?

All of Ecommerce Europe’s national associations participate in the European Trustmark. The e-commerce associations in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Denmark and Czech Republic provide the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark and the services of the Trustmark Service Centre for free to all their certified members. Next year, Hungary, Poland and France will be added to the list.