How to survive Amazon?


International marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba are taking over the world. What exactly is their impact on companies when they enter a particular market? Can retailers profit from the e-commerce giants’ success or do these make it more difficult for them to survive?

In order to create a clear image of the influence of these marketplaces, the Ecommerce Foundation is currently working together with Nyenrode Business University in commission of the Global E-commerce Summit on The Rise of the Global Marketplaces: How to survive Amazon & Alibaba and the Other Giants.This study focuses on the history and rise of the most important marketplaces, their key success factors as well as various strategies that other companies can use for dealing with them.

As part of this elaborate report, we are looking for the opinions and expectations of executives of companies selling B2C. Through our survey, we are aiming to get a better understanding of how companies experience competing with large marketplaces or how they are anticipating this. What is the best strategy according to you? Do you opt for ignoring them or cooperating with them? Or are you directly competing with them? We are looking forward to you answers.

Global E-commerce Summit

The results from our research will be presented during the Global E-commerce Summit in Barcelona on June 10, 2015. Naturally, all participants will receive a free copy of the complete study.

Ecommerce Europe is a partner of the Global E-commerce Summit and offers its Business Partners two and its Members one free ticket(s). Order your free ticket(s) to the Global E-commerce Summit here.