I support Europe


Blog by Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of the Executive Committee Ecommerce Europe

500 thousand entrepreneurs support Europe, as Europe ensures work, innovation and business activities.

Did you know that Europe reduced the costs of airline tickets? In addition, the European Union’s policy ensured more competition, more investments in faster connections and more transparency regarding telephone rates. As a result, we pay less for our telephone calls. Consumers benefit from all these matters, and as a result, entrepreneurs do so as well. For more appropriate examples, please visit VNO-NCW’s election website.

In fact, it was in Europe that Thuiswinkel.org (Dutch National Association), through Ecommerce Europe, was able to stop charges for online shops in the estimated amount of five billion euros (!). Two years ago, the European Parliament was considering the plan to always charge online shops for the return costs of products with a value of more than fifty euros. Apart from the question whether this is a sensible regulation – Thuiswinkel.org and Ecommerce Europe are of the opinion it is not – I just want to emphasize that these matters are all decided on in Brussels. And that is a good thing, because this way the same rules apply for the whole of Europe. There are a lot of issues that we cannot settle in the Netherlands alone and for this reason, I support Europe.

I have asked my neighbor to cast my vote in favor of Europe this Thursday. Due to presentations at two large e-commerce conferences in Shanghai and Beijing as well as a visit to Alibaba in Hangzhou, I will unfortunately not be in the Netherlands during the European elections and the results. I will blog about my adventures and experiences in China during the next few days.

Please visit https://ecommerce-europe.eu/elections about the upcoming elections.